About Us

Who are we?

Upper Halfmoon Water Company is a private, non-profit water company that provides water to over 600 homes in Halfmoon Township, PA. We are controlled by a 9-member Board of Directors with voting rights extended to all customers. We are regulated by Pa-DEP, EPA, and SRBS as a public water supplier. Details about Company organization can be found in our Corporate By-Laws.


The company was formed in 1964 by several local residents who saw the need to develop a stable water supply development for 26 local homes and farms.

Mission and Future

Upper Halfmoon Water Company is dedicated to providing high-quality water to local residents at a reasonable cost. 

News and events

Tow Hill Wellsite Online


A new wellsite, locaeated on Tow Hill Road is now online. This well has been under development for 4 years. It provides a significant high-quality water supply for current and future customers.

Water Rate Increase


A water rate increase was approved at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Membership. This represents the first rate increase in nearly 25 years and is needed to replenish capital reserves and accelerate system improvements. 

Annual Water Quality Report


 The 2018 Annual Water Quality Report is now available. This report describes results of all water quality sampling conducted during 2018.

Cornfield Lane Upgrade


A project was completed that upgraded water lines on Cornfield Lane, between Smith Road and Stonerow Lane. The project replaced a 2-inch water main with an 8-inch main and added a new fire hydrant. The project  improves water flow and increases fire protection.