Billing and Water Rates



  • Water bills are mailed quarterly, usually within the first two weeks of January, April, July, and October.
  • An explanation of the water bill can be found here.
  • A minimum charge of 4,000 gallons usage at a rate of $5.00/1000 gallons is assessed.
  • Payments can be mailed to the Upper Halfmoon Water Company or deposited in a Drop Box, located on the right side of Brothers Pizza. Additionally, customers may use online banking systems to submit their payments. In this case, the meter reading should be entered in the "memo field" associated with the check.

Meter Readings

  • Customers read their own meters.
  • The meter reading can be entered on the bill stub and returned with quarterly payment.
  • Failure to provide a meter reading results in a $5.00 quarterly fee.
  • Failure to provide a meter reading for two or more consecutive quarters will result in an additional $35.00 fee

Water Rates

The Board of Directors approved a water rate increase at the 2017 Annual Members Meeting. New rates are $5.00/1000 gals for the first 4,000 gals and $6.00 for usage beyond 4,000 gals. The rate increase was the first in over 25 years and was needed to improve funding for system improvements and to increase capital reserves.

Late Fees

  • $5.00 - failure to submit a meter reading
  • $5.00 - late payment
  • $35.00 - failure to submit meter readings for two or more consecutive readings 

Membership Fee

  • A $650 membership fee is assessed for each new member.
  • This fee is non-refundable

Connection Fee

Each new home or business is assessed a one-time connection fee of $1,000.